> Do You Copy?

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> Do You Copy?

As COVID-19 forced us to stay in, conspiracy theorists claimed 5G technology was spreading the virus. Seeing the wave of mobile tower fires across the country made us realise how magnificent these towers actually are. Relying on the internet to produce, transmit and receive virtual images from home, we quickly became inspired by the idea of telecommunication itself — and the commands that enable it.

From our home offices, we designed a communication system that consists of five categories (1. position, 2. object, 3. color, 4. size, and 5. action). Based on these categories, we started our own visual transmission through code. We deliberately designed a language that leaves room for noise and open interpretation.

Our zine > Do You Copy is a collection of towers that have been sent, received and misinterpreted by us during this transmission.

4 coloured risograph zine, 270x135 mm, 36 pages, signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Printed by: Chemistry Publishing

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